Stackable Rocks Glass 11.5 oz


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Home owners, party hosts, and bartenders alike always struggle for space, and as a result, they tend to stack their glassware. However, most of the glassware available in the market is not safe to stack. This 11.5 oz rocks glass is an exception to that. Designed to stack, this glass will not slump, chip, or break, even when stacked tall.

This glass is the perfect size for drinks on the rocks, cocktails, and double old-fashioned drinks. Its classic 11.5 oz capacity is just right for serving beverages with ice. Its super-strong and thick construction makes it a great choice for families, as it is difficult to break. The fluted cut crystal design adds a touch of elegance to the glass, making it an equally great choice for adult beverages with class.

These stackable rocks glasses are bright, fire-hardened, and made from 100% lead-free material. It is dishwasher safe and crafted professional barware quality standards. With a full set of these glasses in your cupboard, you’ll never have to sacrifice space again!

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Weight 26.4 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 7 × 5 in


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