Flared Shot Glasses 1.75 oz


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This flared shot glass is a favorite among bartenders and is regarded as the go to shot in any bar or tavern setting. With its smooth round tulip shape and heavy base, this shot glass elegantly represents the the tradition of the millions of shots that came before it. The thick base not only adds value to your drink presentation, but it also provides a taller profile compared to traditional shot glasses with thinner walls that enhance the experience. The softly flared rim adds a touch of swagger to the drinking experience as well.

The wide mouth of this glass allows for a comfortable and easy shot, while the no-chip rim ensures that your glass will last for many rounds to come. This shot glass is not just stylish, but it is also functional, as it is made with lead-free and dishwasher safe materials, making it a professional grade barware must-have.

renowned by 1 & 2 oz sippers across the world, this glass is the workhorse of the international bar scene and represents everything from the fanciest shooters at the classiest joints to the simplest of shots at home with friends. So, whether you’re a professional bartender or just hosting a party at home, this flared 1.75 oz shot glass is the perfect choice for serving up your favorite premium or layered shots.

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