Classic Pilsner Glass – 14.5 oz


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The classic pilsner glass is an essential addition to any glass or barware collection. With its iconic design, borrowed from centuries of German beer brewing excellence, this glass is the perfect vessel for your favorite lagers, ales, and craft beers. The tall, slender design showcases the golden color of your brew, while the wide top lifts carbonation to the top of the glass, creating a rich, creamy head. The heavy base provides stability, and the hardened rim helps minimize breakage, making this pilsner glass both functional and stylish in the classic Bud or Miller fashion that many of us grew up with.

At 14.5 ounces, the capacity is perfect for pouring a whole can or bottle of beer, with just enough left over to display a good inch or more of head. The fire-polished finish provides brightness and adds to the overall aesthetic. This pilsner glass is 100% lead-free and crafted to the highest standard, ensuring that it is both safe and durable. The dishwasher safe design makes it is easy to clean for fast turn around time! Whether you’re enjoying a cold brew after a long day or hosting a dinner party, this classic pilsner glass is sure to impress your guests while offering a hint of nostalgia to the beer drinking experience.

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