Nonic Glass – 19oz Imperial Pint


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Introduce your beer collection to the ultimate in style and durability with our Nonic Imperial 19 oz pint glass. The Nonic shape is a favorite among craft beer enthusiasts and is known as the industry standard. Each beautiful glass holds 19 US fluid ounces or 568ml, this is better known as an imperial pint glass and is the perfect size for your favorite brew.

The glass originated in English pubs where patrons were breaking too many glasses. The solution was to create an extended bulged ring, or “no-nic,” to take the impact and reinforce the glass. It was invented by Hugo Pick, of Albert Pick & Co way back in 1913 and quickly adapted around the world. The nonic not only adds strength to the glass, but also limits where the glass is touched, making it easier for busy bartenders to clear tables and wash glasses.

The conical shape and wide straight-sided mouth funnel the aromatic head to the top, making it perfect for all styles of beer. Featuring a no-chip beaded rim, this is a very cool upgrade for the craft beer lover that appreciates great glassware.

Every glass is fire polished bright, lead-free, and dishwasher safe. Not only is the glass functional and practical, but it also adds a touch of history to your collection. A visual staple to the sport of beer for over a century, every discerning beer lover deserves a set of these historic styled pint glasses to grace their bar! Order your own set today and enjoy a pint of history every time you raise a glass to cheers!

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Weight 20.8 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 9 × 6.25 in
Base Diameter
case size
International Orders
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153mm / 6.02"

Top Diameter

85mm / 3.34"

Bottom Diameter

65mm / 2.55"



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